How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

If it’s stress-related, find healthy ways to manage and cope, including going to therapy, delegating tasks and surrounding yourself with people who can support you. If it’s local haunts, take different routes to avoid those locations. Recognizing the things in your life that trigger your desire to drink will further empower that decision. As your mind and body try to tell you that you need another drink, understanding what’s at the root of that thought or feeling is key in reaching a healthier state of sobriety. But we know you can find a healthier, happier way to live with the right tools and support system. A rare but very serious syndrome called delirium tremens can occur during alcohol withdrawal.

how to stop drinking at home

It makes sense, says Joshi, since a lot of our drinking comes down to routine and habit. “Often alcohol consumption becomes tied to specific cues or routines,” she says. “Breaking this association can be key to reducing your alcohol intake.” In the same vein, Joshi suggests those looking to learn how to give up alcohol for good look at the triggers behind wanting to drink. That way, you’re more likely to be able to avoid having the urge entirely.