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Used intelligently, “sim time” can help students learn and remember skills much more effectively than books or “chair flying” alone. Thorough preparation for each hour of flight time reduces the workload and expense on the flight school’s most expensive activity – flight time in actual aircraft. Simulators can be an enormous competitive advantage for a flight school to attract and retain students and keep a reputation for a quality, cost-effective training program. XSPEC Aviation is an established flight simulator manufacturer, and the leader in flight simulation re-manufacturing. Flight schools recognize the value that flight simulators add to their training and bottom line.

  • Flight simulator companies depend on active, valid LOA’s to allow flight schools to log hours of students use of their simulators towards pilot’s licenses and ratings.
  • There is a reason for both issues however, and we’ve addressed it with the XSPEC 142.
  • Peercoin itself is not affected by this because it is a hybrid PoW and PoS blockchain, so the PoW blocks mitigated this effect.
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